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GEO Certification Award

Golf Environmental Organisation (GEO) Certification Awarded to Royal St.David’s Golf Club

RSD had its GEO accreditation verified and this prestigious accolade, the symbol of a great golfing environment, was bestowed on us in January this year.

GEO is a sustainability group founded to support the golfing industry, to make a positive ecological and environmental impact on both players and nature. Its vision is to place social and environmental issues at the roots of the game; to prove that golf is good for nature and communities.

The verification process confirms that Royal St.David’s satisfies all the GEO certification criteria. The comprehensive GEO On Course report provides solid evidence of the continues commitment by RSD to maintain wider sustainability issues.

RSD is rightly proud to have the GEO certification and is delighted that this national accolade recognises the outstanding work of the Links Manager and the Links Team in terms of ecology and environment.