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Subscription Fees

We have a simple application process. New applicants no longer need a proposer and seconder.


1st April 2021 to 1st June 2022


Home Member£721
Away Member£489
Distance Member£250
New Trial Category between 2 & 3.5 hours away£350
Home Members 21-25£278
Home Members 26-30£430
Home Members 31-35£563
Away Members 21-25£190
Away Members 26-30£295
Away Members 31-35£382
Full time Students (under the age of 25)£142
Members aged 18-20£142
Junior Members under the age of 18£65*
Junior Members under the age of 12£21*
International Member£250
Introductory Member£268
Affordable Membership details£500
Individual House Member£50 + VAT*
House Member’s Partner£10 + VAT*

*All memberships are subject to Wales Golf Fee £13.70, apart from the ones marked with asterisk.