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A Century of Championship Golf

by Richard Fisher February 2021

Overall Timeline

1903Professional CompetitionJames Braid
1922The Welsh Open Amateur ChampionshipCapt. E.F. Carter
1926The Ladies British Open Amateur ChampionshipCecil Leitch
1928The Welsh Amateur ChampionshipC.C. Marston
1928The Welsh Ladies Amateur ChampionshipM. Duncan
1934The Welsh Ladies Amateur ChampionshipI. Reiben
1939The Welsh Professional ChampionshipC. Grabham
1947The Welsh Amateur ChampionshipS.B. Roberts
1949The Ladies British Open Amateur ChampionshipFrances Stephens
1949Ladies’ Home International MatchesScotland
1950Mens’ Home International MatchesIreland
1951The Welsh Ladies Amateur ChampionshipI.B. Davenport
1951The Welsh Amateur ChampionshipJ.L. Morgan
1955The Welsh Amateur ChampionshipT.J. Davies
1957The Welsh Ladies Amateur ChampionshipM. Barron
1957The Welsh Amateur ChampionshipE.S. Mills
1960The Ladies British Open Amateur ChampionshipBarbara McIntyre
1961One-Armed Golfers ChampionshipR. Sandler
1962Police ChampionshipE. Stokes
1962The Welsh Amateur ChampionshipJ. Povall
1962The Welsh Boys ChampionshipR.C. Waddilove
1963The Welsh Ladies Amateur ChampionshipP. Roberts
1964The Welsh Amateur ChampionshipH.C. Squirrell
1967The Ladies British Open Amateur ChampionshipElizabeth Chadwick
1967The Welsh Ladies Amateur ChampionshipM. Wright
1968The Welsh Amateur Strokeplay ChampionshipJ.A. Buckley
1970The Welsh Amateur ChampionshipE.N. Davies
1971The Welsh Amateur Strokeplay ChampionshipE.N. Davies
1971The Welsh Ladies Amateur ChampionshipA. Briggs
1973Ladies’ Home International MatchesEngland
1974Mens’ Home International MatchesEngland
1976The Welsh Amateur ChampionshipM.P.D. Adams
1978The Welsh Boys ChampionshipJ. Morrow
1979The University MatchOxford
1979The British Seniors Open Amateur ChampionshipR.J. White
1979Ladies’ Home International MatchesScotland
1981The Welsh Ladies Amateur ChampionshipM. Rawlings
1982The Welsh Amateur ChampionshipD. Wood
1985The Welsh Amateur Strokeplay ChampionshipM.A. Macara
1986Mens’ Home International MatchesScotland
1987The Ladies British Open Amateur ChampionshipJanet Collingham
1988PGA Club Professionals ChampionshipR. Weir
1988The Welsh Amateur ChampionshipK. Jones
1991The Welsh Ladies Amateur ChampionshipD. Wood
1992The Welsh Amateur Open Strokeplay ChampionshipA.J. Barnett
1994The British Youths Open Amateur ChampionshipF. Jacobsen
1995The Welsh Amateur ChampionshipG. Houston
1998PGA Club Professionals ChampionshipM. Jones
1999The British Boys ChampionshipA. Gutierrez
2000The Welsh Amateur ChampionshipJ. Jermine
2000Womens’ Home International MatchesEngland
2001The Welsh Ladies Amateur ChampionshipV. Thomas
2001PGA Mastercard Tour ChampionshipMatthew Cox
2001Wales Seniors OpenDenis Durnian
2002Mens’ Home International MatchesWales
2002Wales Seniors OpenSeiji Ebihara
2003Boys’ Home International MatchesEngland
2003Wales Seniors OpenBill Longmuir
2004Wales School v England SchoolsEngland
2004Wales Seniors OpenRay Carrasco
2005The Welsh Amateur Open Strokeplay ChampionshipR. Dinwiddie
2005Wales Seniors OpenCarl Mason
2007The Welsh Ladies Amateur ChampionshipR.D Brewerton
2007The Welsh Amateur ChampionshipL. Matthews
2009One-Armed Golfers World ChampionshipN. Champness
2009Wales Ladies Championship of EuropeKaren Stupples
2010The Welsh Amateur Open Strokeplay ChampionshipE. Pepperell
2010Welsh PGA ChampionshipS. Edwards
2011The Welsh Ladies Amateur ChampionshipB. Harries
2011Boys’ Home International MatchesEngland
2012The Welsh Amateur ChampionshipJ. Shufflebotham
2013Welsh PGA ChampionshipLee Rooke
2013Jacques Leglise TrophyGreat Britain and Ireland
2014Welsh PGA ChampionshipStephen Dodd
2016The Welsh Amateur Open Strokeplay ChampionshipBarry Hume
2016The Girls British Open Amateur ChampionshipE. Paltrinieri
2019The Womens Senior Amateur ChampionshipLara Tennant
2019Welsh Ladies Open Amateur Strokeplay ChampionshipLily May Humphreys

Male Champions

Female Champions